Fest Pass has partnered with Festivals and Restaurants in your area to enhance your experience. In order to participate in this exclusive program, you must be a Fest Pass Member. 

How Do I Become a Fest Pass Member?

1- Download the Buzzyn application to your mobile device.

2- Purchase the Pass that best suites you.

3- You will receive an email from us, within 24 hours with a QR code. (no need to download a QR reader, as the Buzzyn Application

     has one integrated).  

4- Scan the QR code using the Buzzyn application, this will automatically upload offers to your device.

5- When you arrive to the first event, go to the Fest Pass tent, and pick up your free Lanyard. This will give you additional perks

    while at the events. Hold on to it, as there is a $5.00 charge should you ever wish to replace it. 

6- Don't forget to scan the newest, up to date booklet upon arriving at the featured festival. 

How Do I Redeem My Rewards?

As the Festivals come closer, vendors and festival coordinators will work with Fest Pass to customize a soft copy booklet filled with new experiences, free and/or discounted offers, and loyalty programs. When you arrive to the festival make sure your notifications are on, as some offers will continue to be uploaded during the events.


The Lanyard is used for quick reference on services reserved for Fest Pass Members only so you do not need to pull out your mobile device.   

Your mobile device is used to redeem your customized offers. When you decide to redeem an offer, you simply pull out your device, open your Buzzyn application and the vendor will present a QR code for your offer, and you scan it, within seconds your mobile device will show that the offer has been redeemed.


For every redemption you receive, your name gets put into a draw for the next upcoming contest.


Good Luck!    

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